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Feel good in January!
10 Nutritional essentials
Feel good in January!
Initial consultation

Prior to meeting, I’ll send you a detailed health questionnaire, including a blank food diary for you to complete. This should be filled in and returned to me by mail 5 days before your consultation. This gives me an overview of your health and concerns, and allows me to carry out the required research before we meet.


The initial consultation usually lasts around 60 minutes, which includes time for you to discuss specific issues or any concerns you might have. Following the consultation, I will prepare a nutrition programme, taking into account your health concerns, tastes and preferences within your budget. My recommendations are collaborative and may include ways to enhance and support the digestive function, balance blood sugar levels, address food intolerances or sensitivities, boost immune defences, reduce inflammation and restore hormonal balance.


My preference is to use food to ensure we’re receiving the vital nutrients our bodies need. However, there are times when supplements can be beneficial in a nutrition programme for a specific period. I will always recommend best quality products from a range of reputable companies. These will be priced separately.


Functional laboratory testing

I may recommend non-invasive clinical tests (for example hormonal profiles, digestive function, candida and parasite screening) to help pinpoint any suspected underlying triggers (such as vitamin or mineral deficiencies, hormone imbalances or digestive dysfunction) that may be contributing to any health concerns you have. These tests can help provide a clearer picture of how the body is functioning and I use independent laboratories to arrange these at an additional cost. Some tests can be carried out by your own GP on request (cholesterol, iron levels, thyroid) and I can provide a referral letter should you need this.


A follow-up consultation 4 weeks later is recommended so we can check progress and adjust the programme as necessary. The number of follow-up visits will depend on your specific health profile and your individual goals.


I offer support via email and telephone if you need this between appointments.


Initial consultation (approximately 1 hour) £80

Follow-up (approximately 40 mins) £40

Telephone check-ins (15 mins) £15

Discounts available for low waged.





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